OIV Maximum limit for gum arabic- Update

Status: Active

OIV Maximum limit for gum arabic- Update




WARNING: this resolution amends the following resolution:

AG 12/72-OEN



CONSIDERING Article 2, paragraph 2 iv of the Agreement of 3 April 2001 establishing the International Organisation of Vine and Wine,

CONSIDERING the work carried out by the working group to update or confirm the use limits for specified additives or processing aids,

CONSIDERING the work done by the “Technology” Expert Group during its June 2020 session,

CONSIDERING file II.3.3.6 of the International Code of Oenological Practices relating to treatment with gum arabic, limited to a maximum use level of 0.3 g/L,

CONSIDERING the work undertaken by the working group that specifies the following:

  • some liqueur wines with very high colouring matter require a greater amount than 0.3 g/L to stabilise the colloidal colouring matter,
  • the addition of a 0.8 g/L dose to very unstable red liqueur wines is required to achieve stability of the colloidal colouring matter,
  • this 0.8 g/L dose does not change the sensory characteristics of these wines,

CONSIDERING that even though an acceptable daily intake has not been specified and there is no proven health risk, numerical gum arabic use levels are necessary to ensure the authenticity and identity of these vitivinicultural products,

DECIDES, at the proposal of Commission II “Oenology”, to modify Resolution AG 12/72 OEN and, consequently, file II.3.3.6, which appears in part II, chapter 3 of the International Code of Oenological Practices, in relation to the current limit permitted for the treatment of wines with gum arabic:

  • Prescription b) is modified as follows:

B) The dose used shall not exceed 0.8 g/L for red liqueur wines and 0.3 g/L for other wines.