International Standard for the Labelling of Wines

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Varietal name

3.1.4              Varietal name

a)      Can only be indicated if:

  • the wine is produced from at least 75% of the grapes of the said varietal;
  • this varietal determines the specific character of a wine;
  • the name of the varietal does not lend itself to confusion with an appellation of origin or a  geographical indication.

b)      When the names of two varietals are mentioned:

  • the wine must come entirely from these two varietals;
  • they must be indicated by decreasing order of importance;
  • the States set the minimum percentage for the quantity of the least important grape, which must not be less than 15%.

c)      Exceptionally in countries where more than two varietals are usually shown in the labelling of wine, the percentage of each must figure on the label.

NB - To ensure these provisions are respected, it is recommended that the States demand a harvest declaration showing the produced quantities of each varietal, along with the acreage planted with these varietals.