Update to file II.2.1.14- Flotation

Status: In force

Update to file II.2.1.14- Flotation


UPDATE TO FILE II.2.1.14 - Flotation

IMPORTANT: This resolution modifies the following resolution:

OENO 2/99


IN VIEW OF Article 2, paragraph 2 iv of the Agreement of 3 April 2001 establishing the International Organisation of Vine and Wine,

CONSIDERING the work of the “Technology” Expert Group,

DECIDES, at the proposal of Commission II “Oenology”, to modify specifically point “a” of the prescriptions of Resolution OENO 2/99 and consequently file II.2.1.14 “Flotation” in part II, chapter 2 of the International Code of Oenological Practices as follows (strikethrough text is to be deleted and text in italics is to be added):

Part II

Chapter 2: MUSTS

UPDATE TO SHEET II.2.1.14. - Flotation


Clarification can be done:

  1. Protected from air by using nitrogen or argon, or with compressed air to encourage the oxidation of oxidable compounds and render the color of the wine more stable;