10 October 2014 — Viticulture

New publication on manganese and viticulture

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The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment has just released a publication about manganese in viticulture.

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Through analysis of the information available on manganese, the authors of the paper, V. D. Gómez-Miguel and V. Sotés, President of the OIV "Viticulture" Commission, provide a solid grounding on the issue of manganese in viticulture.

This work was presented during the OIV meetings in April 2014 as part of the consultation with the OIV Member States regarding the manganese content in soils, clusters, musts and wines; the impact of soils on the manganese migration to the plant; the impact of vinification techniques on manganese levels in wines; and additional information on the toxicity of manganese.

Download this publication (available in Spanish only)