Outcomes of the Ministerial Wine Meeting of Brescia

12 Apr 2024

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) hails the success of the Ministerial wine meeting in Brescia, Italy on 12 April 2024. Hosted by Italian Minister for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Francesco Lollobrigida, the Wine Ministerial Meeting gathered Ministers, Ambassadors and representatives from 29 countries around the world, together with the senior leadership of the OIV, to celebrate the organisation’s centenary. 

OIV Director General John Barker welcomed the opportunity for high-level exchange of views between member countries on the future of the vine and wine sector and the supporting role that the OIV can play.  “2024 is an exceptional year for the OIV, marking 100 years since its creation. It is also an important moment for the vine and wine sector, faced with the challenges such as climate change and shifting consumer trends. I congratulate Minister Lollobrigida for initiating this valuable conversation about the importance of wine from an economic, social and cultural perspective. I look forward to continuing this exchange at the Ministerial Conference in France in October this year.”


Challenges and priorities

During the meeting, countries took the opportunity to share their aims and priorities for the wine sector. A strong convergence of views emerged around the value of the sector and the challenges that it faces. Climate change and sustainability were recognised as an essential focus for the future. Countries strongly identified the significance of wine as a cultural asset. Health and wellbeing, the importance of quality production and innovation, the need to understand and adapt to changing consumption patterns and markets, and the need to protect the integrity of wine emerged as topics of high relevance to the wine sector.


The role of OIV

OIV member countries reaffirmed their support for the OIV as the trusted scientific and technical reference for the global wine sector.  Director General Barker emphasised the role that the OIV could play in all of the priority areas by developing standards and guidelines, gathering information and communicating with stakeholders. 


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