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OIV Executive Committee

During the interim period between General Assembly sessions, the Executive Committee, as the executive body of the General Assembly, shall act on its behalf. The Executive Committee has the following delegated responsibilities:

  • To examine and submit to the General Assembly for its approval a draft Strategic Plan for a three-year period along with annual updates and applications, following proposals of the Scientific and Technical Committee;
  • Following a proposal of the Scientific and Technical Committee, to define the work and activity programmes of the bodies of the Organisation;
  • To take note of activity reports presented by the Vice-President of the Scientific and Technical Committee after each work session of the Commissions, Sub-Commissions and groups of experts;
  • To give its opinion on the draft annual budgets and the amount of the financial contribution therein, as proposed by the Director General, for submission to the General Assembly

Executive Committee - May 2022

President: Luigi Moio (Italy)

1st Vice-President: Regina Vanderlinde (Brazil)

2nd Vice-President: Markus Herderich (Australia)

Secretary: Pau Roca, OIV Director General

One delegate per Member or his/her substitute designated by name by the Member’s competent authorities

OIV Scientific and Technical Committee Organisation chart

CST (05/2022)

OIV Steering Committee

The OIV Steering Committee is under the authority of the Executive Committee and provides an efficient link between the Executive Committee and the Director General.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee ensures that management decisions comply with the guidelines set by the General Assembly, in light of the duties of the OIV and the Strategic Plan which it has approved.

OIV Steering Committee - May 2022

President of the OIV: Luigi Moio (Italy)

1st Vice-President: Regina Vanderlinde (Brazil)

2nd Vice-President: Markus Herderich (Australia)

Commission I - Viticulture President: Ahmet Altindisli (TR)

Commission II - Oenology President: Fernando Zamora (ES)

Commission III - Economy and Law President: Yvette van der Merwe (ZA)

Commission IV- Safety and Health President: Pierre-Louis Teissedre (FR)

Sub-Commission ‘Methods of analysis’ President: Manuel Humberto Manzano (AR)

Sub-Commission ‘Table grapes, raisins and unfermented vine products’ President: Luís Peres de Sousa (PT)

Secretary: Pau Roca, OIV Director General

Organisation chart of the OIV General Secretariat

OIV General Secretariat

Biographical notice of the OIV Director General

Pau Roca: CV