International Standard for the Labelling of Wines

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4.2                      Language

The language used must be easily understandable for the consumer.

If the language used is not understandable for the consumer for whom the wine is intended, the label must be replaced or a supplementary label added containing the mandatory information at chapter 2 of this standard, in the required language.

In the cases as provided in Article 4.2.2, the mandatory information provided shall fully and accurately reflect that in the original label.

Where appropriate to effectively communicate with consumers, information may be presented in the form of words, symbols or combinations of words and symbols.

Where symbols or combinations of words and symbols are used, these must be clear, legible, and unambiguous. Symbols must comply with applicable rules of competent authorities.

The mandatory information described in this Standard must be indicated on the labeling in the form of words.

The mandatory information on the label may be accompanied by the use of symbols.