General Measures

Codified File


1.1                      Definitions

“Label” means any tag, brand, mark, pictorial or other descriptive matter, written, printed, stencilled, marked, embossed or impressed on, or attached to, a package (container) of wine.

“Single Field of Vision”: All parts of the surface of the package (container), excluding the base, which may be seen at the same time without having to turn the package (container).

“Pre packed wine” means wine packaged in advance in a container, ready for offer to the consumer, or for catering purposes


1.2                      Scope

The product

The labelling standard for wines applies to products fitting the definition of wine as laid down by the International Code of Oenological Practices of the OIV, namely:

Wine is exclusively the beverage resulting from the complete or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether crushed or not, and from the grape must. Its acquired alcoholic strength should not be less than 8.5 p. 100 vol.

Nevertheless, considering climatic conditions, soil or grape variety, special qualitative factors or individual traditions specific to certain vineyards, the total minimum alcoholic strength can be reduced to 7 p. 100 vol. by special legislation of the region in question.

The present standard does not apply to special wines defined by the said Code. However, flor wines which meet the present definition of wine are also subject to the application of the present standard.

Labelling is compulsory for pre-packed wines which are to be sold to the consumer.

Information provided by labelling

1.3                      Information provided by labelling

Labelling must include compulsory information to which optional information can be added. Only information from these two categories is authorised.

Misleading information

1.4                      Misleading information


Misleading information. The use of any information, sign or illustration which is misleading about the origin and/or the nature of the product is forbidden.