Albania becomes the 50th OIV Member State

06 Sep 2023

Albania has officially become the 50th OIV Member State. A milestone the OIV reaches for the first time in its 100 years history. 

By becoming a member of the OIV, Albania will benefit from the information, cooperation and services of a network of around 1000 experts.  These links enable Albania to take part in the fundamental decisions concerning the evolution of the sector and to raise its voice by becoming one of the 50 decision-makers in such an important area. The cooperation of Member States within the OIV is a key factor for better communication, more effective legislation and therefore more transparent and fruitful trade in the vine and wine sector. As a new member, Albania will participate in the 22 General Assembly in October 2023. 

Winemaking in Albania 


In 2022, Albania had a vineyard surface area of 11.339 hectares. According to the OIV Statistics, it ranked the 41st producer in the world and the 55th consumer.

“For us joining OIV means providing access to our winemakers to the most advanced knowledge and innovation in the sector by sharing knowledge in a sector that we want to grow strong. Through this membership, the Albanian winemakers and specialists of the field will be part of the worldwide community that will help expand our horizons and share experiences”, said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Albania, Frida Krifca.

Winemaking in the territory of Albania dates more than 2000 years back, with the records of Illyrians cultivating grapes and producing wine. This tradition has continued throughout all historic timelines, during the Roman and Byzantine Empire, during the Ottoman rule and in modern times during World War II and the communist regime, with its difficulties and successes, leading to this day. 

The last thirty years, the vine and wine sector in Albania has been slowly but steadily on the rise. The surface of planted vines has grown from 2776 Ha in 2010 to 7442.3 Ha in 2021 out of which 5954.8 ha is for wine and 1488 ha for table grapes.  

Several wineries grew from small-scale production in veritable wine making establishments that are now able to guarantee not only the quantity but also the quality of the wine, bringing excellence in a bottle for wine lovers. There are now 70 wineries registered in Albania out of wich more than 20 are big wineries. 

Several wineries are dedicated to producing wine from autochthonous grape varieties such as: Kallmet, Shesh (white and red) Serine, Debinë (white and red), Puls, Cërrujë, Vlosh. These grape varieties are slowly gaining popularity and have become the strength of Albanian winemakers, attracting wine lovers and professionals that are now starting to discover the particular terroire and aromas of our wines. 

Other varieties that have adapted well to the territory and climate of Albania are: Merlot, Muskat, Riesling, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon etc. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Albania has taken several steps to support the sector, by including viticulture and wine production in the National Support Scheme. Several steps have also been taken to align the law and provisions with that of the European Union aquis, which culminated with the approval in parliament of a new law for Viticulture and wine, that better regulates the sector and allows our producers to expand their export opportunities.