The State of Texas becomes a new OIV observer

20 May 2022

First meetings in Dijon, new OIV headquarters

The GA launched the procedure of ratification of the changes in the Founding Agreement to include the transfer from Paris to Dijon.

The Director General and the President informed the Assembly about the procedure that will install the new office of the Organisation provisionally in La Cité internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin. Part of this recently inaugurated complex was proposed by the City Council of Dijon while the works to habilitate the future headquarters in the Hotel Bouchu d’Esterno are underway. The works are expected to take two years.

Texas new observer

The State of Texas was accepted as new OIV observer. By joining the organisation as observers, Texas aspires to enter into contact with the rich network of experts from all around the globe. “We come to the OIV to learn from the best practices and the experiences of great countries of the world of vine and wine. Texas has lots of ideas and initiatives to share with the world”, said the deputy commissioner of agriculture of Texas in his intervention, Jason Fearneyhough. As a proof, the State shares the challenges identified by the OIV in Climate Change and Digitalisation. “We want Texas to be inspired by the world, and the world to be inspired by what we do in Texas", he added.

43rd Congress of Vine and Wine in Mexico

After two years of pandemic and without having celebrated the respective congresses, Mexico was granted the first and most important event of the Vitivinicultural sector in the world now that the most dangerous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have diminished.

Mexico was chosen by the OIV Member States for many reasons such as: The geographical representation and growing importance in the vine and wine sector due to the country's commitment to increase its wine production.

The 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine is committed to being an inclusive, safe and sustainable event. To this end, a Sustainability and Best Practices Committee has been appointed to intervene in the design, planning, organization, execution and evaluation of the Congress.

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