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The OIV works to disseminate ampelography

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The OIV International Course in Ampelography is back! The OIV is launching a new International Course in Ampelography - an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in grapevine varieties for future challenges in the vitivinicultural sector.

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33 years after its first edition, the prestigious OIV International Ampelography Course is coming back.

As the scientific and technical reference in the world of vine and wine, this OIV course in ampelography allows participants to acquire in-depth knowledge in the recognition and understanding of grapevine varieties, helping them to be better prepared for future challenges in the vitivinicultural sector (latest trends in genetic resources, climate change and environment societal expectations, etc...).

Historical background

The OIV's International Course in Ampelography is part of a whole historical background dating back to 1938 when "ampelography" was first cited by the OIV. Nearly 10 years later, in 1949, an ampelography commission was created in order to lead the work relating to the creation of an international ampelographic register.

In the 1990s, considering the importance of identifying varieties in the international vitivinicultural sector and the need to disseminate more widely technical and scientific work in the field of ampelography, the OIV launched a first cycle of courses in ampelography: in 1988 in Italy (ISV Conegliano), in 1990 in France (ENSA Montpellier) and in 1992 in Germany (BZWG-IR Geilweilerhof). Today, the OIV is relaunching this initiative anew with a cycle of international courses in ampelography. This course with practical, leading-edge knowledge will be facilitated by specialists from different countries.

General purpose and how will the course be organised

The main objective is both to train professionals and experts in the field of “Ampelography and Genetic Resources”, and to create a pole and experts network who can exchange continuously around this important topic for the vitivinicultural sector. To achieve this, the courses are designed in collaboration with international actors and the OIV relied on the knowledge and experience of important technical, research and training centres from France - Montpellier, in cooperation with IFV (Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin), INRAE (l’Institut national de recherche pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation et l'environnement) and the Institut Agro - Montpellier SupAgro - and Spain - the Vine Varieties Collection of "El Encín", Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, belonging to IMIDRA (Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario).

Illustration: Mauzac blanc © Viala et Vermorel

Why the OIV aims to promote and disseminate ampelography: A major discipline of current interest

As the scientific and technical reference in the world of vine and wine, the OIV's role is to participate actively in the promotion of this fundamental discipline since knowledge of wine comes from understanding the vine. In reaffirming the scientific and technical nature of ampelography the OIV is emphasizing the fact that this discipline embraces both tradition and innovation. In this rapidly changing world, it is the role of OIV and its experts to contribute to developing and supporting ampelography and vine resources as an important field for the sustainability of the sector.

More information on fees and the registration procedure will be available soon.

For further details, please send an email to: oivampelography@oiv.int