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Russian: a new official OIV language?

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At the request of the Russian Federation, the Russian language – which is also one of the official languages of the United Nations – is set to become the sixth official language of the OIV. The addition of this new language will enrich the scientific and technical communication of the Organisation.

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Within the framework of OIV Agreements, Russia will be responsible for the financial costs of introducing this new language over the course of a three-year period. This should allow for translations of all OIV recommendations and fundamental texts to be made quickly available. 

The plan will enable the Russian-speaking community to better understand and take on board the international standards and practices the Organisation has adopted to improve the conditions under which vine and wine products are produced and marketed.

The proposal is to be presented during a General Assembly at the end of November. Following its acceptance by Member States, Russian speakers will join the Italian, German, French, Spanish and English speakers who already benefit from the five official languages of the OIV. This will facilitate active participation and the exchange of expertise across a scientific network of countries with long viticultural traditions.