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2016 World wine production estimated at 259 mhl

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During the press conference that was held at the headquarters of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, the Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, presented initial information about world wine production in 2016.

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Global economic vitiviniculture data 

2016 World wine production estimated at 259 mhl, a fall of 5% compared with 2015

2016 Production among the lowest in 20 years, yet highly contrasting situations as a consequence of climatic events

  • Italy (48.8 mhl) confirms its place as the leading world producer, followed by France (41.9 mhl) and Spain (37.8 mhl).
  • After two poor harvests, Romania (4.8 mhl) returned to a good level of production.
  • An even higher level of production was recorded in the United States (22.5 mhl).
  • In South America, production plummeted in Argentina (8.8 mhl), Chile (10.1 mhl) and Brazil (1.4 mhl).
  • Australian production (12.5 mhl) and New Zealand production (3.1 mhl) was on the rise.

Global wine production, excluding juice and musts, is likely to reach 259.5 million hectolitres – a decrease of 5% compared with 2015, it ranks among the three poorest years for production since 2000, according to the OIV's early estimates.

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2016 Global economic vitiviniculture data