Compendium of International Methods of Wine and Must Analysis

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Certificates of analysis

OIV-MA-B1-02 Certificates of analysis

Certificate No. 1

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Specific gravity at 20C
  • Alcoholic content at 20C
  • Total dry extract g/L
  • Sugar g/L
  • Total sulfur dioxide mg/L
  • pH
  • Total acidity meq/L
  • Volatile acidity meq/L
  • Test for malvidin diglucoside
  • Over pressure measurement of carbon dioxide in sparkling wines
  • Differentiation of very sweet wine and fortified must in the case of sweet wines

Certificate No. 2

Certificate No. 1 is completed and the following determinations are added:

  • Ash and alkaline ash g/L
  • Potassium g/L
  • Iron mg/L
  • Copper mg/L
  • Free sulfur dioxide mg/L
  • Sorbic acid mg/L
  • Verification of malolactic fermentation
  • Citric acid mg/L
  • Tartaric acid g/L
  • Folin-Ciocalteu Index
  • Chromatic Indexes

The following determinations are optional:

  • Excess sodium mg/L
  • Calcium, magnesium mg/L
  • Sulfates mg/L
  • Test of fermentability
  • Test for artificial colorants