Congress ‘Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health’

02 Nov 2023

The event, which brought together renowned scientists from various fields, emphasized the significance of a healthy lifestyle and moderate wine consumption

Under the OIV patronage, the Congress on 'Lifestyle, Diet, Wine & Health' took place in Toledo, Spain, on October 19 and 20, 2023. The event, which brought together renowned scientists from various fields, emphasized the significance of a healthy lifestyle and moderate wine consumption. The OIV was represented by the Scientific Director, Dr. Jean-Claude Ruf, the Head of Unit “Safety and Health”, Dr. Marcos Araujo, the President of Commission IV “Safety and Health”, Prof. Dr. Pierre-Louis Teissedre. 

The Congress underscored the integration of wine into healthy and sustainable diets, particularly the Mediterranean diet, highlighting its positive effects when consumed moderately. Experts emphasized the "J shape" phenomenon is still valid, indicating that moderate wine consumption can improve cardiovascular health, but excessive intake has adverse effects. Discussions also delved into the interplay between wine, food, and overall health, emphasizing the need to consider consumption patterns and confounding factors such as physical activity, sleep, and social interactions.

Sessions explored diverse topics, including the cognitive benefits of exercise, the impact of sedentary behavior on food choices, and the importance of context in understanding health implications. Experts stressed the need to analyze wine consumption within a broader context, considering socioeconomic factors, consumption context and patterns considering beverage types. The significance of personalized nutrition, encompassing genetic variances and lifestyle choices, was a key focus, along with the role of polyphenols in cognitive health, aging, and interaction with other food nutrients. In the same way, the synergy between food and wine, and how the way people eat, combined with wine, influence bioavailability of bioactive compounds.

The Congress also addressed the translation of scientific knowledge into society. Participants emphasized the importance of accessible information, using social media to disseminate accurate information about wine, diet, and lifestyle. They discussed countering misinformation and communicating complex scientific concepts like the "J shape" phenomenon and the role of polyphenols in an understandable manner to the public, the synergy between food and wine compounds during meal. Participants highlighted the central role of polyphenols in extending longevity and improving overall health. As well as the role of wellbeing, healthy lifestyle, good sleep, and physical activity in improving and maintaining health status.

The event concluded with a round table discussion on effective communication strategies, encouraging the use of social media to bridge the gap between scientific research and the general public. They highlighted opportunities in translating drinking, eating patterns and lifestyle habits into populations, promoting education, and combating fake news and miscommunication, conflict of interest, and improve communication based in facts.