The OIV and the CIHEAM renew their cooperation

27 Feb 2023

The signature of a new Memorandum of Understanding strengthens the bonds between both organisations to face the new challenges of the agri-food system. 

They have been collaborating since 2006 in different fields of mutual interest and they consider that it is necessary to intensify their cooperation to face the new challenges of the agri-food system. This collaboration recently resulted in the joint implementation of a scientific session at the COP 27  on the resilience of viticulture to climate change in the Mediterranean.


That the cultivation of the vine, both to produce grapes for winemaking and for fresh consumption, is carried out mainly in countries of the world with a Mediterranean climate, beyond the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.


They will share their trust in scientific-technical knowledge as a basis for the formulation of policies and strategies that promote sustainable development in their corresponding areas. Areas of interest such as sustainable food systems, food security, wine tourism, development of rural areas, competitiveness, biodiversity, quality, new technologies, efficient use of natural resources, reduction of the environmental impact of agri-food activity, conservation of wine ecosystems, resilience, inclusion, smart regulation and digitization, among others.


Whereas, in particular, they share concern about the impact of climate change and the need to adopt mitigation and adaptation measures to ensure the viability of the most vulnerable areas, many of them in regions with Mediterranean climate. 


Finally, they also share a certain flexibility to adapt their activities to the needs of their member countries and to promote the participation of all actors in agri-food systems.