Compendium of International Methods of Wine and Must Analysis

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General remarks

OIV-MA-AS1-02 General remarks

  1. Clear wine or must, must be used for chemical and physical analysis.  If the wine or the must is cloudy, it is first filtered through filter paper in a covered funnel or centrifuged in a closed container.  This operation must be stated on any required documentation.
  1. The reference of the method employed for each determination must be on any required documentation.
  1. Units of measure for the various magnitudes (volume, mass, concentration, temperature, pressure, etc.) shall be in accordance with the recommenda­tions of the IUPAC (International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry).
  1. In respect of reagents and titration solutions used, unless otherwise required in the text, the chemicals used are to be of "analytical grade" and the water is to be distilled or of equivalent purity.
  1. Enzyme methods, and the determination of a number of parameters, are to be based on absolute measurements of absorbance, which requires spectrophotometers to be calibrated for wavelengths and absorbance. Wavelength may be calibrated by use of Hg lines: 239.94, 248.0, 253.65, 280.4, 302.25, 313.16, 334.15, 365.43, 404.66, 435.83, 546.07, 578.0, and 1014.0 nm.  Absorbance may be calibrated by means of commercial reference solutions, obtained from suitable suppliers, or neutral density filters.
  1. The essential bibliographical references are given. The references to working documents of the Sub‑Commission are marked 'F.V., O.I.V.' (feuillets verts or 'green pages'), followed by the year of publication and the number of the document.