International Code of Oenological Practices

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Treatment of must with Glutathione

II.2.2.8 Treatment of must with glutathione


  • Glutathione: additive


Addition of glutathione to musts.


To limit the intensity of oxidation phenomena in musts, thanks to the ability of glutathione to trap quinones and reduce their oxidative activity.


a)        It is advised to add the glutathione while obtaining the musts or at the start of alcoholic fermentation, ensuring that, prior to and during alcoholic fermentation, the assimilable nitrogen level is sufficient to avoid the metabolism of glutathione by the yeast;

b)       the dose used should not exceed 20 mg/L;

c)        the glutathione must be in a reduced form and comply with the prescriptions of the International Oenological Codex.

OIV recommendation: