Tratamiento de los vinos con ácido fumárico para inhibir la fermentación maloláctica

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Tratamiento de los vinos con ácido fumárico para inhibir la fermentación maloláctica

OIV-OENO 581A-2021 Treatment with fumaric acid in wine to inhibit malolactic fermentation



IN VIEW of the Article 2, paragraph 2 b) ii of the Agreement of 3rd April 2001 establishing the International Organization of Vine and Wine,

CONSIDERING the works of the “Technology” Expert group,

CONSIDERING that fumaric acid acts as a powerful inhibitor of malolactic fermentation (MLF) and an effective bactericide against lactic acid bacteria, at low doses and without sensory repercussion,

CONSIDERING that in a global warming context, the preservation of malic acidity can be useful in several wine types,

CONSIDERING that fumaric acid is approved for use in wines in different regulation and that wines treated with fumaric acid are internationally traded among several countries,

CONSIDERING that the control of MLF and the inhibition of lactic acid bacteria can help to reduce the levels of in wines,

DECIDE following a proposal of the Commission II “Oenology” to add the fumaric acid in point of prescriptions c) of the sheet II.3.4.2 “Biological Stabilisation” as an oenological practice designed to eliminate undesirable microorganisms or to inhibit their development,

DECIDE, to set up its own sheet and to introduce the treatment with fumaric acid as an additive to inhibit malolactic fermentation in wines into part II, chapter 2 of the International Code of Oenological Practices


Part II

Chapter 2: Wines

Sheet II. 3.4.2

TITLE: Treatment with fumaric acid to inhibit malolactic fermentation


Addition of fumaric acid to wine.



Control of the growth and activity of the lactic acid bacteria responsible of the malolactic fermentation of wine;

reduction of the dose of sulphur dioxide;

preserve malic acidity.



Doses of 300-600 mg/L to control malolactic fermentation, even in the presence of high quantities of inoculum and during tumultuous fermentation;

fumaric acid must comply with the prescriptions of the International Enological Codex.


Recommendation of the OIV: