International Code of Oenological Practices

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Tannin addition

 II.2.1.7 Tanin addition

Definition :

Addition of tannin to must.

Objectives :

a)        To facilitate the subsequent stabilisation of wines by partial precipitation of excess proteinaceous matter in musts;

b)       to facilitate the fining of musts in conjunction with protein-type fining agents and prevent over-fining;

c)        to contribute to the antioxidant and antioxidasic protection of compounds of the must;

d)       to promote the expression of colour in red wines obtained from musts to which tannins have been added.

Prescription :

a)        To facilitate rapid incorporation into must, tannins may be added immediately after harvesting;

b)       the tannins used should comply with the prescriptions of the International Oenological Codex.

Recommendation of the OIV: