International Code of Oenological Practices

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Icewine - eiswein

I.4.7 Icewine- Eiswein


Wine made exclusively from the fermentation of fresh grapes having undergone cryoselection in the vineyard without recourse to physical procedures (see point d sheet Managing sugar contents in the wine harvest). The grapes used for the production of ice wine must be frozen during the harvest and be pressed in this state.


a)      Harvesting and pressing should be performed at a recommended temperature lower or equal to –7°C.

b)      The potential alcohol strength by volume for musts cannot be increased and should be as a minimum 15% volume

(corresponding 110° Oechsle or 25.3 Brix).

c)      The minimal alcoholic strength acquired should be 5.5% by volume.

d)      The maximum limit of volatile acidity should be

35 milli-equivalents (2.1 g/l expressed in acetic acid).

e)       All grapes used in ice wine should come from the same region.