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Wine in Moderation celebrates 10 years

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On 17th and 18th October in Reims (France), the Wine in Moderation Association celebrated 10 years of existence.

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Launched in 2008, the Wine in Moderation programme was an essential step for the vitiviniculture sector. For the first time, all relevant players in the European vitiviniculture sector came together to design a complete programme with the aim of promoting responsible, moderate wine consumption.

The mission of WIM is to offer a common frame of reference which unites all actors in the international wine value chain and which encourages them to contribute to the fight against harm linked to excessive alcohol consumption.

After 10 years of existence, the managers of WIM wished on the occasion of this celebration to put together an overview of completed initiatives and above all to reflect on the strategies which Wine in Moderation could undertake in the future. More than 50 participants from the professional sphere, scientists, and representatives from the vitiviniculture sector participated in these two days, marking the beginning of a deeper strategic, reflective and prospective project.

The Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, accompanied by the Vice-President of the OIV Monika Christmann and the OIV’s Scientific Coordinator Jean-Claude Ruf, emphasized the importance of the role and the contributions of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre programme in promoting social responsibility within the vitiviniculture sector and was also very pleased with what WIM has brought to the table through its participation as an OIV observer since 2015.