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The OIV strengthens its cooperation with Russia

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On 25 April 2017, the President of the OIV, Monika Christmann, and the Head of Economy and Law Unit, Tatiana Svinartchuk, participated in the opening of the Vinorus exhibition and the conference on current expectations for the Russian viticultural sector, both in Krasnodar (Russia).

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Monika Christmann presented the OIV, its objectives, its role and statistical data on the current state of the global viticultural market.

Opening of the Vinorus exhibition

A meeting of the OIV Russian National Liaison Committee, which was open to the public, was also held as part of this conference. This meeting generated tremendous interest from participants and players in the field. During the meeting, Tatiana Svinartchuk presented the Organisation's operating procedures as well as the main regulatory documents discussed and developed by the OIV.

Issues of international cooperation in the development and application of standards of production and commercialisation of wine and other international vitivinicultural products were presented and discussed. More specifically, emphasis was placed upon the importance of the application of international standards in national regulations; this is in order to avoid potential problems of compliance for local producers and also commercial concerns with regard to importers and exporters.

The training of specialists in oenology and viticulture was seen as a key point. The President of the OIV highlighted the importance of international student exchange programmes.

Following the conference, visits to Russian vineyards (Abrau-Durso, Vedernikov, Usadba Divnomorskoye, Elbuzd, Lefkadiya) were organised for the OIV representatives and conference participants. The very high technical level and excellent quality of the wines were praised by the OIV President.

This visit should also make it possible to foster the participation of the Russian delegation in the work of the OIV.