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The new OIV Steering Committee

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The OIV Member States, upon meeting for the 13th General Assembly in Mainz, elected Professor Monika Christmann, from Germany, as OIV President, succeeding, for a 3-year mandate, Claudia Quini from Argentina, who is now 1st Vice-President of the OIV.

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Monika Christmann elected as President

Having been involved in the activities of the OIV for around 20 years, Prof. Dr. Christmann was unanimously elected by the States present. An oenology teacher and researcher at the Geisenheim Research Institute, she was formerly President of the OIV "Oenology" Commission and OIV Vice-President for 3 years, after being elected by the Scientific and Technical Committee.

Monika Christmann will be supported in her new role by a new Steering Committee, since the General Assembly also elected the following as:

President of the "Viticulture" Commission: Benjamin Bois (France)

President of the "Oenology" Commission: Luigi Moio (Italy)

President of the "Economy and Law" Commission: Tony Battaglene (Australia)

President of the “Safety and Health” Commission: Nuria García Tejedor (Spain)

President of the "Methods of Analysis" Sub-Commission: Ondřej Mikeš (Czech Republic)

President of the "Table Grapes, Raisins and Unfermented Vine Products" Sub-Commission: Luis Peres de Sousa (Portugal)