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International Oenological Codex

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The International Oenological Codex provides the description of the principle chemical, organic or gas products used to make and store wine. The conditions, instructions and limits for their use are set by the International Code of Oenological Practices. Authorisation for their use is subject to national laws. However, the identification characteristics and degree of purity of these products are described and detailed here in addition to the minimum required effectiveness for them to be described as “conforms to the International Oenological Codex”. Furthermore, the product’s definition or formula with any synonym along with its molecular weight and general characteristics, particularly solubilities are provided. In order to avoid any mistakes, simple identification methods are also presented. Each monograph indicates the research carried out to reveal and measure impurities and their acceptable limits. These limits have however been set for some of these monographs. Edition: 2021

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