03 October 2015 — Economy and Law

A global wine law for a global wine market?

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At the 33rd international conference of the International Wine Law Association the Director-General of the OIV presented the key elements of the world wine market, the challenges facing the sector and the approaches adopted in the OIV’s Strategic Plan in order to meet them.

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This speech in the context of a panel devoted to the harmonisation, mutual recognition and impact of the various bodies of international regulation governing the wine market outlined developments in wine law over the past thirty years.

This international meeting gathering brought together in Santorini, Greece, a hundred or so jurists from 20 countries, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the A.I.D.V – I.W.L.A ., to discuss legal topics connected with the introduction of new technologies, the protection of geographical indications, the protection of vine varieties, international trade conflicts, counterfeiting and Internet, planting authorisations and the law governing successions.

At this meeting, the President of the A.I.D.V – I.W.L.A ., Rein-Jan Prins presented members with the results of an international survey among the membership, which showed the vitality of the Association and the importance of this network with its 300 jurists in some thirty countries. A special role to which Jean-Marie Aurand drew attention, while expressing pleasure at the activity of this organisation with observer status in the OIV and stressing that the vine and wine sector was unique in benefiting from a worldwide network of specialised jurists.