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The OIV International Course in Ampelography is back!

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The OIV is launching a new International Course in Ampelography - an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in grapevine varieties for future challenges in the vitivinicultural sector.

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General purpose and how will the course be organised

The main objective is both to train professionals and experts in the field of “Ampelography and Genetic Resources”, and to create a pole and experts network who can exchange continuously around this important topic for the vitivinicultural sector. To achieve this, the courses are designed in collaboration with international actors and the OIV relied on the knowledge and experience of important technical, research and training centres from France and Spain:

  • France - Montpellier, in cooperation with IFV (Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin), INRAE (l’Institut national de recherche pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation et l'environnement ) and the Institut Agro Montpellier SupAgro -, with its extensive experience in this area, was initially scheduled to run the course in July 2021. Given the international health context and in order to provide better conditions for the participants, this important worldwide ampelography centre has decided to postpone the course due to force majeure to July 2022.
  • Spain - Madrid. For its first edition1 the OIV International Course in Ampelography should take place at the beginning of September 2021 with the Vine Varieties Collection of "El Encín", Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), belonging to IMIDRA (Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario). It is an important centre of reference in the Community of Madrid and Spain where the agri-food and agro-environmental research projects are carried out.

In the following years the OIV wishes to expand this pole and experts network and carry out the course in other countries in Europe, and subsequently in the Southern Hemisphere. In this sense the 5th training day is dedicated to the next country hosting the International Ampelography Course and to the evaluation of the acquired knowledge.

To guarantee a harmonisation and training quality in the courses run in the different countries, an evaluation of the acquired knowledge will be carried out and the OIV will deliver a course certificate to attest attendee participation.


1 The 2021 edition will depend on the health context due to COVID. More information to come in May.

The OIV relied on the knowledge and experience of important technical, research and training centres from France and Spain

Who can apply?

Vitivinicultural sector professionals, researchers: a diploma in agronomy sciences or equivalent experience in this area is required.

The OIV course in ampelography brings comprehensive knowledge in the science of grapevine varieties to all professionals of the vitivinicultural sector. Initially the courses are intended for professionals working in the fields of viticulture, genetic resources, plant material of the vine or in the field of research. The following years will be open to other professionals in the sector: participants wishing to update their knowledge in ampelography and / or knowledge of the vine and its varieties, experts in the vitivinicultural sector to enhance their activity through knowledge of grapevine varieties and who wish to share additional information with the general public eager to know more and more about the vine, its varieties and the products they consume.

The following years will be open to other actors in the sector: any experts wishing to update their knowledge in ampelography, a field which is undergoing major changes; professionals in vitivinicultural tourism.

Why enrol in this course?

The present-day vitivinicultural sector is facing increasing environmental and social awareness and good management of the genetic resources of vine now clearly the only viable way to meet these challenges. Our sector is fully aware of these challenges which are at the heart of the OIV's Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

Other concerns have arisen such as the revaluation of old, native grape varieties, adaptation of foreign grapevine varieties or the consideration of new varieties (for example those resistant to biotic and abiotic stress).

Course overview:

  • Language: Spanish / English / French
  • 15 participants in order to respect social distancing
  • 5-day course
  • Practical, leading-edge knowledge
  • Highly-qualified teachers from various countries
  • The assurance of an international network of experts in the field
  • Yearly registration (each country edition will require its own registration procedure)
  • An OIV course certificate in ampelography

More information on fees and the registration procedure will be available soon.
For further details, please send an email to: oivampelography@oiv.int

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