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Postponement of the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine

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Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 we are forced to postpone the next OIV congress

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The International Organisation of Vine and Wine regrets to inform you of the cancellation / postponement of the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine that was to take place in 2020 in Santiago, Chile. We also received information from Uzbekistan expressing its wish to postpone the congress scheduled for 2021 in Samarkand.

The World Congress of Vine and Wine represents a key moment in the life of the OIV. Usually held every year at the invitation of one of the 47 Member States, congresses are a place for scientists of different backgrounds to meet and exchange views and knowledge. The results of work in the fields of viticulture, oenology, economics and regulatory development of the sector are presented, as well as food security and health impacts.

For 2020, Scientists around the world were invited to present their work and share their experiences in Chile about "Adaptation to new scenarios: production, social and market challenges.”

The OIV is working on a way to promote these congresses in another format to compensate for the cancellation of these meetings in the next two years. More information will be communicated in due time.

In the meantime, you can consult the book of abstracts of former congresses here.

On behalf of the Organising Team in Chile and the OIV Secretariat, we thank you for your attention and hope to see you at the next World Congress of Vine and Wine.

We remain available for any further questions on this subject at papers[at]oiv.int 

Stay well, keep safe, all the best from the OIV.