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Passing away of Professor Ferrarini

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It is with great sadness that the OIV has learnt of the death of Professor Ferrarini, a member of the Italian delegation who recently participated in the Congress in Mendoza, and would like to extend its deepest sympathies to his family.

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Born in Cerea (VR) in 1953 and based in Fumane, Roberto Ferrarini was the holder of numerous titles. He authored over 150 national and international works, publications and communications – scientific, technical and informative in nature. He was Director of Research and Director of the departments of Development and University Research, as well as the scientist responsible for various research projects financed by the Veneto region. As a professor on the viticultural and oenological sciences course at the University of Verona, Roberto Ferrarini was also a member of the Italian Academy of Vine and Wine and a member of the Italian OIV delegation on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, notably as part of the "Oenology" Commission and the "Technology" Expert Group.

Roberto Ferrarini in the foreground with Peter Hayes (2007)