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OIV Spring Meetings cancelled and postponed

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With the number of detected coronavirus (covid-19) cases continuing to grow, including in France, the OIV Secretariat has been monitoring the outbreak and has also been following the United Nations and host country responses and guidance towards minimizing the virus spread and its impact.

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In the current circumstances, accordingly with the Steering Committee, and under the precaution principles applicable in these situations, I regret very much to inform you that, the OIV Spring meetings scheduled from 24 March to 3 April 2020 in Paris, France are cancelled and will be postponed.

Due to the availability of rooms, the tentative agenda will be to have Sub-Commission of Methods of analysis from 3 to 5 of June, and Commission Enology meetings from 6 to 11 of June, in Paris

The other meetings will be held from 15th to 24th of July 2020 also in Paris.

A more detailed agenda will be sent very soon.