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New Job Offer

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 Position: Chief of Cabinet of the Director General

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Objective: Support to the Director-General of the OIV in his political and communication functions

Key assignments

  • Cabinet coordination, composed of the DG secretary and communication unit, which is composed by a press executive and a project manager.
  • Agenda and programming. Public and private activities. Meetings. Official trips, work trips, field trips, tours, interviews, etc. Coordination with the DG partner's activities agenda, coordination of DG representatives or delegated spokespersons.
  • Proposals for the Communication Strategy. Execution. He/She directs relations with the press, broadcast of communications and audiovisual material, newsletters, etc. oversees the management of the image of the OIV and protocol in sponsorships, acts, travel and public appearances of the DG or of the person representing him by delegation.

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