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Amorim Academy: Presentation of Awards

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The winners of the 23rd Amorim Academy Awards were presented with their awards at the OIV by the President of the Academy, Mr Robert Tinlot, and the representative of the Amorim Group, Mr Crisóstomo Ferreira.

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One of the winners for the year 2014 was Mr Olivier Serra, whose history of law thesis on "Legislators and the vitivinicultural market under the French Third Republic" won him the Grand Prix. The Academy also gave a Prix d'initiative award to the Wine Mosaic organisation for their project, which protects and promotes little-known vine varieties. Mr Jean-Marie Aurand, Director General of the OIV, who was present at this ceremony, congratulated the award winners and highlighted the Amorim Academy's actions in favour of scientific research as well as the Academy's role as an observer of the OIV.