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AIDV: Wine markets under discussion

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The day after the conference on the latest economic vitiviniculture data, the Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, presented the role of the OIV in resolving market access issues during the International Wine Law Association (AIDV) International Conference.

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More than 125 lawyers from 20 different countries participated in this meeting in Beaune, Burgundy on the topic of access to wine markets, along with speakers from intergovernmental organisations such as the WTO, the OIV or the EU, professional organisations, lawyers and specialist economists. http://www.aidv.org/2014frbeaune/index.html

Mr Aurand explained how the scientific and technical contribution of the OIV can facilitate the world wine trade, while recalling that its activities are carried out within the framework of other international agreements on intellectual property and trade.