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2021 OIV Awards Edition

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Closing date for submissions 28th February.

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Do not delay !

  • You would like to submit a book, a Website, an interactive digital Tool to the OIV Awards?

All information on OIV Awards
Registration Form to be downloaded here

  • In order to send required hard paper copies, TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE CURRENT LONGER SHIPPING TIMES: hard paper books must be delivered by 02/28/2021.

Please contact the Secretariat at jurydesprix@oiv.int who will indicate you the days and times for the receipt of the parcels at the OIV headquarters.

  • Promotional and commercial journals, magazines, Websites, interactive digital Tools, selective and sales wine guides are not accepted.

Websites should not contain any lobbying or advertorials.

  • A 2nd publication in the same language or in another language may compete if the initial publication has never been submitted to the OIV Awards, with a recent updating edition.
  • The books or Websites or interactive digital Tools submitted must have been published within a maximum of two years preceding their registration to the OIV Awards.
  • For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact jurydesprix@oiv.int

Let's continue together the great and beautiful story of the OIV Awards. See you soon!