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2020 world wine production first estimates

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After the exceptionally high production of 2018, for the second consecutive year, the world wine production volume is expected to be below average.

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Speaking from the OIV’s headquarters in Paris, by web conference, Director General Pau Roca, presented on 27 October, the first estimates of 2020 world wine production.

  • Lower than average production volume in the EU, where measures to reduce the harvest volume had a significant impact in Italy, France and Spain notwithstanding the overall favourable climatic conditions.
  • First harvest forecasts in the US indicate volumes in line with 2019, but uncertainty caused by wildfires might lead to further revisions. 
  • Drop of South America’s wine production, especially in Argentina and Chile due to unfavourable weather conditions.
  • South Africa finally back to “normality” after several years of drought.
  • Australia records a low harvest due to bushfires while New Zealand shows a record harvest volume in 2020.


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2020 Wine production first estimates