Applications are open for the 2023 OIV Ampelography course in Chile

03 Mar 2023

After 33 years, the new edition will take place from the 4th to 8th of December for the first time in South America. Students will visit and study in the Metropolitan, Maule and Valparaíso wine region of Chile. 

The country known for its preservation of Carménère after the phylloxera epidemic will be the field to transmit the knowledge about its vine varieties throughout history. Participants will learn from Chilean wine growers and its unusual methods, a far cry from the large-scale production in the South.

As the scientific and technical reference in the world of vine and wine, this new OIV course in ampelography, organized jointly with Consorcio I+D Vinos de Chile and the support of Asociación Gremial Vinos de Chile, allows participants to acquire in-depth knowledge in the recognition and understanding of grapevine varieties, helping them to be better prepared for future challenges in the vitivinicultural sector (latest trends in genetic resources, climate change and environment societal expectations).

How will the program be organised?

The course is organised through a 5-day length with practical, leading-edge knowledge will be facilitated by specialists and professors from the most prestigious vine genetic resource centers in Chile, Germany, Spain, France and Portugal. The OIV will deliver a certificate to attest attendee participation.

The visit of experimental and commercial vineyards in the central and southern zone of Chile is planned with the aim of knowing the genetic diversity of the vine in the south American country and its autochthonous and emblematic varieties which today represent an important heritage at national and international level. 

Through this international program, one of the main purposes of the OIV is to create a network of ampelography experts at international level as well as to train and update knowledge in such an important area of the vitivinicultural sector.


Who can apply?

Vitivinicultural sector professionals, researchers: a diploma in agronomy sciences or equivalent experience in this area is required.

The OIV course in ampelography brings comprehensive knowledge in the science of grapevine varieties to all professionals of the vitivinicultural sector. Initially, the programs are intended for professionals working in the fields of viticulture, genetic resources, plant material of the vine or in the field of research.


The course


The 5-day program will be carried out around the following themes and actions:


  • Presentation of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine: main objectives, actions and field of action)

  • Presentation of the world vitivinicultural sector (figures, trends, problems, challenges)

  • Presentation of the Chilean wine sector - Presentation of Wines of Chile and the main actors, structures of the national sector - problems and challenges.

  • Presentation of the main varieties of wine and table grapes worldwide. 

  • The importance of variety in vitiviniculture and history of ampelography.

  • Current methods for describing and identifying vine varieties. 

  • Ampelographic characteristics of the main varieties of the world.

  • Presentation of the main species of Vitis and varieties of rootstocks and producing hybrids (indoors and in vineyards/ampelographic collections).

  • Understanding of the genetic diversity of the vine and the genetic and molecular bases of traits of interest in the vine. 

  • Technical and practical visits and study of relationship between varieties characteristics and quality products (wine, table grapes, others).


Important dates

•    Call for applications: From 3rd March to 31st May 2023
•    Evaluation committee: June 2023
•    Communication of chosen candidates: Mid-July 2023


Fees and payments

The tuition fee for attending OIV ampelography course 2023 is €850. The price includes:


  • Lessons

  • Transportation to the vineyards

  • Gala diner

  • Lunches from Monday to Friday

  • Coffee breaks 

  • OIV certification in ampelography

The price does not include accommodation, flight tickets and dinners (except for the gala dinner). 
Further information about payment facilities and deadlines will be provided to selected candidates. 


How to apply

In order to apply to OIV Ampelography course, please send your CV updated (in English or Spanish) and one page cover letter to: 


DEADLINE: 31st May.