The awards presented every year by the OIV Award Jury are an international reference and recognized in the wine world.

Every year, the OIV Award Jury gives an award to the best books published in the past two years, and which have been submitted by the authors or publishers. These awards are presented in one of the 10 categories specified by the Jury and relating to the Vine and Wine sector.

The increase in the number of works presented to the OIV Award Jury is related not only to the growth in worldwide literature about vine and wine by many authors, but also the significant international recognition of the OIV Awards : a benchmark in a sector which continues to grow and develop.

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  • What does the Award presented by the Award Jury provide?
  • What are the categories specified by the Award Jury?
  • What are the terms and conditions for submitting a work?

contact jurydesprix@oiv.int / Registration until 28 February each year 

Submission forms

« Form_Inscription_Livre_Book_JdP_2018.pdf »: paper printed books and .pdf format (in the 10 categories) [FR / EN]

« Form_Inscription_numeric_JdP_2018.pdf »: interactive digital format only in the first five categories : 1-Viticulture, 2-Œnology, 3-Vitivinicultural Economy and Law, 4-History, Literature and Fine Arts, 5-Wine and Health [FR / EN]

2017 Awards


2016 Awards

Winners of the 2016 OIV Awards presentation textes [FR/EN]

2015 Awards

Prize: Jury award

Category: Viticulture

« La vigne vol. 1 maladies fongiques »

Olivier Viret and Katia Gindro
AMTRA editions

Category: Oenology

« Le bois & le vin - Les mystères de leur mariage »

Roger-Paul Dubrion
GFA Editions France Agricole

Category: Literature

« Σαν κρασι - san krasi »

Maria Tzitzi
Anubis Editions

Category: Wine and Health

« The Physician, the Drinker, and the Drunk - Wine’s Uses and Abuses in Late Medieval Natural Philosophy »

Azelina Jaboulet-Vercherre
Brepols Publishers Editions

Category: Discovery and presentation of wines

« Vins de feu »

Charles Frankel
Dunod Editions

Category: Wines and Terroir

 « Vinlandet Frankrike »

Britt Karlsson textes und Per Karlsson photographies
Carlssons Bokförlag Editions

Category: Specialised studies

« Les parfums du vin »

Richard Pfister
Delachaux and Niestlé Editions

Category: Acts of Symposia

« La economía del vino en españa y en el mundo »

Raoul Compés López and J. Sebastián Castillo Valero
Cajamar Caja Rural, servicio de publicaciones Editions

Category: Encyclopedias

« Wine Science - Principles and Applications »

Ronald S. Jackson
United States of America
Elsevier Editions

Award: Special Mention

Category: Viticulture

« Biologischer Weinbau »

Uwe Hofmann
Ulmer Editions

« Changement climatique et terroirs viticoles »

Coordinator Hervé Quénol
Lavoisier Editions

Category: Oenology

« Le SO2 en œnologie »

Jacques Blouin
Dunod Editions

Category: Vitivinicultural Economy

« Economie et management du vin - Wine Business Management »

Jérôme Gallo und Steve Charters
Pearson France Editions

Category: History and Fine Arts

« La Revolución Vitivinícola en Mendoza, 1885-1910. Las transformaciones en el territorio, la arquitectura y el paisaje »

Liliana Girini
Universidad de Mendoza Editions

« Il vino nella storia di Venezia » 

Carlo Favero, Coordinateur du collectif
Biblos Editions

Category: Discovery and Presentation of Wines

« Une année en CORTON - Rencontres en haut lieu »

Jon Wyand photography, François Perroy texts
Glénat Editions

Category: Wine and Food

« 50 Vini di Romania incontrano 50 piatti italiani d’eccellenza - Vinuri românesti întâlnesc 50 preparate culinare italiene »

Marinela Vasilica Ardelean
Terra Ferma Editions

Category: Monograpies

« Bordeaux et ses Vins – 19e édition »

Authors represented by Bruno Boidron
Féret Editions

Category: Encyclopedias

« Encyclopédie des Caves de Champagne »

Michel Guillard, director of 42 authors
François Baudez Editions