The awards presented every year by the OIV Award Jury are an international reference and recognized in the wine world.

Every year, the OIV Award Jury gives an award to the best books published in the past two years, and which have been submitted by the authors or publishers. These awards are presented in one of the 10 categories specified by the Jury and relating to the Vine and Wine sector.

The increase in the number of works presented to the OIV Award Jury is related not only to the growth in worldwide literature about vine and wine by many authors, but also the significant international recognition of the OIV Awards : a benchmark in a sector which continues to grow and develop.

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  • What does the Award presented by the Award Jury provide?
  • What are the categories specified by the Award Jury?
  • What are the terms and conditions for submitting a work?

contact jurydesprix@oiv.int / Registration until 28 February each year 

2019 OIV Awards Registrations

  • September 1st 2018 - February 28th 2019

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