19 February 2015 — Safety and Health

Global alcohol consumption: WHO-OIV collaboration

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The Director General of the OIV travelled to the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva on 18 February at the invitation of Dr Vladimir Poznyak , Coordinator of the "Management of substance abuse" programme.

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Mr Jean-Marie Aurand, accompanied by Dr Jean-Claude Ruf (Scientific Coordinator of the OIV), presented statistics relating to production, trade and consumption of wine around the world and the latest developments as part of the WHO expert meeting dedicated to evaluating global alcoholic beverage consumption.

This meeting falls within the framework of the collaboration between the WHO and the OIV, which was initiated several years ago. Indeed, the WHO uses OIV data to a significant extent as a basis for the evaluation of the production and consumption of alcohol of vitivinicultural origin in various countries around the world.