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The Director General visits Portugal

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In response to the invitation of the President of the Vine and Wine Institute (IVV), Frederico Falcão, the Director General of the OIV travelled to Portugal on 25-26 March.

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During a meeting with the Secretary of State for Agriculture, José Diogo Albuquerque, the Secretary recalled the importance that his country, as a founding member of the OIV, attached to the work of the Organisation. He also confirmed his desire to maintain the strong presence and involvement of Portuguese experts in the various working groups.

A working meeting organised with representatives of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the OIV National Committee (a body that, within the IVV, liaises between the various players in the vitivinicultural sector and coordinates the standpoints of Portugal with the OIV) allowed for discussion of different topics on the Organisation's work agenda.

The visit to PORVID (the Portuguese Association for Vine Diversity) provided an opportunity for a presentation on work carried out to preserve vine diversity in a country that has a large number of native vine varieties. This work will be presented during the OIV meetings in April.

Finally, while visiting several vineyards that were representative of the diversity of Portuguese viticulture, Jean-Marie Aurand engaged in a number of discussions with sector representatives.