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South Africa: Ambassador Molekane visits the OIV

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Having been recently appointed to his post in Paris and within UNESCO, H.E. Mr Rapulane Molekane was keen to meet with the Director General of the OIV in order to reaffirm the importance of the vitivinicultural sector to his country and its economic role.

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During this meeting, Mr Jean-Marie Aurand recalled the missions of the OIV and elaborated on the challenges faced by the vitivinicultural field as they are defined in the 2015-2019 OIV Strategic Plan. He also emphasised the involvement of the South African experts within the OIV, expressing the wish that this may be expanded into the table grape sector, where the expertise of South Africa is recognised in international markets.

H.E. Mr Rapulane Molekane stressed the importance of consensus regarding the methods by which OIV standards and recommendations are drawn up. He also expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation between his country and the OIV, adding that he would like to see strengthened collaboration where issues related to water management are concerned.