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Regina Vanderlinde elected as President of the OIV

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The OIV held elections to elect its new President and the heads of its working bodies on the occasion of the General Assembly held in Paris the 6th of July, 2018.

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Regina Vanderlinde addressing the Member States after the announcement of her election

A Brazilian has been elected as President of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine for the next three years, succeeding Monika Christmann.

Régina VANDERLINDE, a professor of biotechnology at the University of Caxias do Sul has been elected by the Member States of the OIV for a mandate of three years.

Holding a doctorate in biological sciences with a focus in enology-ampélologie from the ‘Université de Bordeaux’ she has been a member of the Brazilian delegation to the OIV she also served as the Scientific Secretary of the Sub-commission for Methods of Analysis.

She is happy that South American viticulture has been recognised by the community of the OIV and is pleased to be the third consecutive female President of the OIV. 

Here's a short video where the new president expresses her thanks to the member states and her future goals at the OIV presidency (in French and subtitled in English):

At this General Assembly the Presidents of the scientific bodies were also elected:

Commission I Viticulture
Vittorino NOVELLO (Italy) suceeds à Benjamin BOIS (France)
Commission II Enology
Dominique TUSSEAU (France) suceeds Luigi MOIO (Italy)
Commission III Law and Economy
Dimitar ANDREEVSKI (Bulgaria) suceeds Tony BATTAGLENE (Australia)
Commission IV Safety and Health
Gheorghe ARPENTIN (Moldavia) suceeds Nuria GARCIA TEJEDOR (Spain)
Sub-commission Methods of Analysis
Markus HERDERICH (Australia) suceeds Ondrej MIKES (Czech Republic)
Sub-commission Non-fermented products, table grapes and raisins
Alejandro MARIANETTI (Argentina) suceeds Luis PERES DE SOUSA (Portugal)