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OIV MSc in Wine Management: 30th Year

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Coming from China, the United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, France and Switzerland... with a variety of international projects, the students in the 30th academic year of the OIV MSc in Wine Management attended their first day of term at the OIV headquarters in Paris.

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After an introduction to the OIV and its activities by the different unit heads, they were welcomed by Director General Jean-Marie Aurand, who emphasised the distinctive character of this training programme and the opportunities it offers, thanks to the network of associated universities and companies.

The specific nature of the course is designed to be mono-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, itinerant, international and experiential all at the same time; it also now has one of the most developed networks in the world of wine. Since 1987, almost 500 players and policy makers in the wine world have taken this training programme.

Before this year's class left the OIV headquarters, Jean-Marie Aurand stressed the course's international dimension, which is expressed through a curriculum that every year leads students to discover over 20 key countries on the wine planet, spread over the 5 continents.

On this 30th academic year, the OIV MSc in Wine Management will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Friday 13 October at the OIV headquarters with a special conference and tasting day.