11 October 2018 — OIV life

Kazakhstan expresses its interest in the OIV

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OIV Director General Jean-Marie Aurand met with Kazakh Ambassador to France H.E. Mr Jean Galiev to discuss the possibility of the Republic of Kazakhstan joining the OIV.

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Boasting an age-old winemaking tradition, the country wishes to boost its vine and wine sector, particularly in the context of the strategic plan for agriculture, developed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, that aims to position Kazakhstan as a global player in the field of organic production.

As Jean-Marie Aurand pointed out, “After the accession of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Uzbekistan, the addition of Kazakhstan would complete the positioning of central Asia within the viticultural countries of the OIV, demonstrating the revitalization of these traditional wine- and grape-producing areas, as well as the emergence of market demand for quality products that meet international standards.”